Mellunpuisto artikkelikuva, nainen ja kaksi lasta

The first buildings in Mellunpuisto will begin to emerge in 2023

The construction of new buildings to replace the old apartment buildings in the Mellunpuisto area at Pallaksentie 1 and Ounasvaarantie 2 will begin in 2023. Seven three-storey buildings from the 1960s will gradually be demolished and replaced with modern high-quality apartment buildings.

The old buildings will be demolished because their renovation costs would have been too high for the residents and the renovated old apartments would not have met the quality and energy efficiency levels of modern apartments. Selling the apartments to a development company was also a financially attractive solution for the shareholders in the limited liability housing companies.

The bricks-and-mortar commercial facilities in the new Mellunpuisto area supplement the current range of services. The construction of the area will have a great impact on the cityscape of the whole Mellunmäki district.

The advance marketing of the new apartments will begin in February–March 2023. The demolition work is expected to begin on Pallaksentie in March–April. The construction of the new apartments will begin in the late summer of 2023, and will proceed in stages. The multistorey car park to be built in the area will be completed at the beginning of 2025, at the same time as the first new apartments.

The implementation schedule will be further specified in accordance with the progress of the planning of the construction projects, depending on the landowners. Economic fluctuations in construction and housing sales may also affect the schedule, but the goal is for the whole Mellunpuisto area to be completed by 2028.

Goal is that Mellunpuisto is compeleted by 2028.
Mellunpuiston näkymä
The construction of Mellunpuisto will have a great impact on the cityscape of the whole Mellunmäki district.
Facts about Mellunpuisto
  • The Mellunpuisto quarter is taking shape with the help of innovative supplementary construction.
  • The block of flats from the 1960s in poor condition will be demolished and modern residential buildings will be built in their place. 
  • Construction of the block will start in late summer in 2023. The entire area is estimated to be completed in 2028.

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