Mellunpuisto way of life

Mellunpuisto leads the way in modern urban living

The Mellunpuisto residential area will emerge in the Mellunmäki district of Helsinki by the end of this decade. Mellunpuisto represents a new approach to urban living and housing, with pleasant courtyards, services within walking distance, green nature and recreational areas.

The transport connections are excellent, as Mellunpuisto will be built next to the Mellunmäki metro station. Two tramway routes are being planned that will further improve the connections. If implemented, the Vantaa Light Rail line will run from Mellunmäki to Helsinki Airport via Tikkurila, and the Jokeri Light Rail 2 express line will connect the Vuosaari district of Helsinki and the Myyrmäki district of Vantaa.

New homes and renewal through supplementary construction

The idea for renewal through supplementary construction in Mellunpuisto came from few active shareholders in housing companies. They suggested that the apartment buildings at Pallaksentie 1 and Ounasvaarantie 2 should not be renovated, because they were in bad repair; instead, they should be replaced with new buildings. This vision will become a reality when seven old buildings are demolished and the Mellunpuisto block consisting of 16 modern buildings emerges on these sites.

The seven apartment buildings to be demolished have a few hundred residents, but the new Mellunpuisto area will house up to 2,000 people. They will enjoy energy-efficient, accessible living in modern owner-occupied, part-owned and rental apartments that are suitable for people in different life situations. Mellunpuisto will boost the vitality of the whole Mellunmäki district and provide a model for future living in Helsinki.

Towards a carbon-neutral Helsinki

Mellunpuisto will feature innovative solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of housing. The area will be partly self-sufficient in energy. The goal is to benefit from green roofs, geothermal heat and solar power, and renewable district heating will support local energy production.

These solutions contribute to the City of Helsinki’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Mellunpuisto will consist of four small blocks with lush courtyards. Each block will comprise four buildings made mostly from brick. The tallest building will have twelve storeys, with the rest having six to nine storeys.

Maalämpöä ja viilennys – näissä Helsinkiin rakentuvissa kodeissa asutaan mukavasti!
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Mellunpuisto uudistuu – aikataulua ensimmäisille purkutöille


Mellunpuisto is implemented in cooperation with Avain Yhtiöt, SATO, T2H and Lakea. Mellunpuisto's project developer has been A-Insinöörit.

Avain Yhtiöt is a Finnish group of companies specialising in the production, development and construction of homes and housing services. The group builds and maintains functional, safe and environmentally friendly living environments and develops the overall quality of housing and construction.

Avain Yhtiöt aims to be Finland’s best provider of housing services in terms of the price-to-quality ratio. The group’s operating model focuses on four aspects: genuine interaction with stakeholders, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and quality.

The group owns around 11,000 right-of-occupancy apartments, rental apartments and assisted living apartments across Finland, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.

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Lakea Oy is a safe and reliable expert in housing – from design to construction and from sales and leasing to building management. The company invests in the development of sustainable forms of housing, such as Lakea Omaksi® homes. Lakea understands the diversity of life and takes care of its customers in changing situations and circumstances. Lakea Living® provides customers with easy access to services and information that make living easier.

Lakea is also an award-winning pioneer in timber apartment building construction in Finland. The company will continue to have an impact on the quality and safety of living in the future, as multifaceted housing and effective use of space are at the core of its expertise.

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SATO is a leading provider of housing in Finland. It has around 25,000 rental homes and nearly 50,000 residents in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere and Turku. SATO has a staff of more than 300 housing experts.

With a history of over 80 years, SATO is an expert in responsible rental housing. The company builds vibrant cities, cosy homes and multifaceted living environments that last for generations to come.

As a major lessor, SATO bears responsibility for urban development and the environmental impacts of housing. It invests in rental homes with good transport connections and easy access to services. Energy efficiency is always taken into account in the design process.

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T2H is a residential construction company that builds Lovely Homes in the Helsinki metropolitan area, the Tampere Region and Southwest Finland. The company acquires the land, designs the buildings and homes, and builds and markets them. Its customers are homebuyers.

T2H is a Finnish company focusing on residential construction: we build homes based on life-cycle thinking. Our sustainable high-quality buildings have low life-cycle costs. For example, geothermal heat is used as often as possible.

For us, a Lovely Home is a light, spacious and practical home that serves the needs of its residents. The apartments that we design always have higher ceilings than usual, as well as large windows and spacious kitchen and living room areas.

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